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Whenever you are giving or receiving gifts, even if you are buying something for yourself, it is always worth more if some thought has gone into the present buying. It is easy to just grab the first thing that comes to hand or the types of gifts that are run of the mill and ignore the individuality of the recipient. Our wooden animals are unique due to the fact that they are not mass produced. The love, care and attention that have gone into carving these objects by artisans thousands of miles across the globe are not lost in the end product. Knowing that you are buying in a responsible way, that keeps this art form going, is truly heart-warming and demonstrates not only that you respect these skills but that you respect the person you are buying the gift for. It shows that you care. A handcrafted wooden statue is not a gift that some people would love and others hate, as it is such a beautiful demonstration of the dexterity of these craftspeople that it is nothing short of impressive to all. Wooden elephants bring the natural world into the home and the fine carving shows the minute details and the majestic movement in these glorious creatures. The carvings have a fluidity of their own which means that every time you look at our gifts you will see something different. The detailing and skill is a joy to behold and because these craftspeople have been responsibly sourced, the price for such unique works of art is reasonable. Fair trade means fairer costs because more money goes to those people who are creating these wonderful designs and these collectable menageries and spiritual objects.
Natural gifts and home decorations which are fair trade too, have an instant appeal to eco-aware shoppers buying in a responsible way that gives back to the world. Here at Hadiah UK, we have a wonderful selection of wooden ornaments made from sustainable sources which have been handcrafted by local artisans from around the globe and gathered together in a bid to promote these unique and artistic pieces and support those who make them. Wooden elephants made in Bali in Indonesia display the intricate carvings on these amazing creatures in small creations of just a few centimetres to larger pieces. Suar wood is used to give a tactile, smooth and glossy sculptured surface. This tropical hardwood is a fast-growing tree and so suitable for these ecologically aware designs. These animal carvings are so popular that a whole menagerie can be collected in all sizes from an albesia wooden giraffe to a non-endangered rain tree wooden bear. These animals are depicted in various enchanting poses, from walking where the ripples of the wood give movement, to climbing a tree, to a somewhat realistic, life size standing and growling pose. The carved wood has a fantastic gleam to it, especially when carved and the intricate patterns and details bring out the beauty of the wood so that you can see the natural colours and grain of the tropically grown material. These uniquely handcrafted pieces range from the delicate, understated pieces to the absolute centre pieces and show pieces such as the life size carvings. They are all locally produced works of art by renowned artists who work under the fair trade guidelines and are paid a fair amount for their skilled work and creativity, which only adds to the value of these finely carved creations, making them perfect gifts.
Wooden ornaments appeal to most people on so many levels. The shade of the wood and the way that it is crafted gives our pieces such a natural, organic design that they do not look out of place in any home. Whatever the décor or the general style of fixtures and fittings in a modern Western house is there is always room for beautifully crafted wooden ducks for example and crafts from other parts of the world which are not lead by a trend but dictated by skill and use natural elements. If you live in a modern, minimalist home or a country cottage type environment and you want to buy a wooden tiki mask for example for someone and you are not sure on their personal tastes in their home, then our carvings are sure to fit in with all spaces. The subject matter is timeless too, most people are animal lovers. Wood is a natural material which matches all types of coloured interiors and materials, from chrome to marble. A wooden statue from our range can be bought in such a variety of sizes that it is easy to find an ornament which will sit easily in any room of the house and on any surface. Many homeowners own pets such as cats and there is nothing nicer than having a wooden cat to show your love and appreciation for these graceful animals. Some of our objects, such as the wooden angels are fairly small and are wonderful little extras in any home. Because they are not too large they also make perfect gifts. On the other hand, some of the larger objects are a real showcase of talented workmanship and are a statement in any home and are guaranteed to draw admiring comments and enquiries about the origins.
There is something incredibly wholesome and special about a gift that is handmade. So many products on the market today, whether present ideas or home decoration items, are mass produced and lack a sense of the personal touch. The retail market is awash with plastic and machine turned decorations. Often the label of being handmade can mean higher costs but we have sourced the most skilled craftspeople from around Asia and by buying our products you are in turn sustaining these crafts, which are at risk of dying out due to the rampant pace of mass produced consumer products and unfair trade. If you have an ornament in your house which you are looking at every day then you want to be able to see something different in the detail every time you look at it. Our wooden animals are crafted without any machine driven tools and the level of intricate features in carvings such as that seen in the wooden dragon are nothing short of impressive. You can look up close and personal and see the fine and precise work of the Indonesian carvers in such pieces as one of the wooden bear collection. Fewer and fewer craftspeople remain who can work to such high quality and it is little wonder that there is a big market for these carvings from people who understand the value of such skills and artistic talent. The wood is chiselled to bring out the beauty of these animals. Most of our range shows off the natural colour and grain of the sustainable wood but you can also choose a multi-coloured wooden cat from a bright and fun selection of feline ring holders. There is also a wonderfully striking set of three cats of differing heights which stand proud on any shelf or mantelpiece.
Everything Buddha. From large to small. Every living being has the same basic wish to be happy and to avoid suffering. Place a Buddha in your home or business to create a symbol of peace and calm. Most of our gifts and carvings are in wood but you can also choose a stone Buddha statue too from a selection of three smooth and perfectly carved images. One of these is the Weeping Buddha image and the idea connected with this piece is that the owner can use the image to disperse any sorrow they might be feeling. These carvings are so much more than simply attractive to look at objects. They represent a whole way of looking at the world and giving a wooden Buddha statue, or one of the stone pieces, is a clear way of letting someone know that you are thinking about them and that you care about them. In a home, it is a symbol that you are mindful of the spiritual happiness of your family and those who enter your house. Knowing that these objects are also fair trade and that the skilled carvers are getting paid a fair price for putting their heart and soul into this work only adds to the appeal of our carvings. In much of Asia there is a rich life outside of the home and buildings and a strong community feeling. Outside nearly every building in Thailand there is a ‘spirit house’ which pays homage to the Thai’s Buddhist spiritual beliefs. In the West there is more of a pull to spend time in nature and in the garden too and more and more home decoration is actually focused on this outdoor life. Our Buddha garden statues transform any plot of land. Many people want a stunning looking garden where they can relax and get back to nature and escape from the busy chaos that is modern living for most. These carvings provide a low-maintenance way of creating an immediate sanctuary and place of quiet contemplation.

Hadiah UK is a fair trade store specializing in unique hand made gifts, stone garden planters and plant pots, ornaments, statues, wood carvings, stone carvings, home-wares, bathroom and kitchen accessories. Located in Manchester we can be seen at various craft and artisan markets around Greater Manchester and Lincolnshire.