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Hadiah is our new online gift store specialising in the import of beautiful handmade Indonesian handicrafts and garden ornaments, made by craftspeople in Indonesia, and delivered direct to your door. We are a small family business that we own and run independently.

Our love of unique handmade handicrafts from around the world is one reason we have started up our Hadiah business: You simply cannot ignore the beauty of something that has been made by the human hand and mind.

Our passion for world-wide travel on a shoestring and pleasurable purchases of unique handicrafts to bring home, serving as a lasting reminder of our vibrant experiences, contributed towards the birth of Hadiah. We have our own love story that brought us together in marriage as man and wife, our passion for Far East travel continued and lead us to enjoy some wonderful experiences as a family touring villages in Indonesia.

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Hadiah carving stone

Whilst in Indonesia we were in awe of the beautiful handicrafts and of the stone ornaments the craftspeople create using their own hands, so much so, that we used monetary gifts given to us by our loved ones in the celebration of our marriage to purchase some of these unique products to bring back and display in our own home: They now serve as a reminder of our life experiences in Indonesia following our marriage, and of the culture and talent of Indonesian people. As a newly married couple we understand the richness unique handicrafts and gifts bring to our home. Our dream is to bring these beautiful handicrafts from Indonesia to your home for you to also enjoy.

We are passionate regarding the growth of our relationships with everyone we actively engage with in the process of setting up our Hadiah business and promoting Hadiah's growth, and this includes those involved in the whole supply chain. From supplier to our end customer we aim to listen to, value, and respect, everyone, to exceed expectations and to do business with others in happiness.

Our passion and dream is to import these beautiful handicrafts from Indonesia and to enable our customers to enjoy these unique products and gifts in their own homes bringing pleasure and happiness. We personally like all the products we sell and you won't find any cast cement, any concrete, or any machined MDF/chip board products here.

Why should you do business with us? Because we care and want to get it right. We strive to ensure our customer service is exemplary and we aim to please.

Mark & Lita

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